WHISKY lovers

Like most of us, I did not like whisky the first time I tried it. My first encounter was in high school and it was cheap and didn't stay in my belly for long. My next encounter was with my Dad. His dad used to be in Suntory ads (the leftmost man in the Suntory ad is my Grandpa!) and drank Suntory while stationed in Japan. My dad carried the Suntory tradition and used to stock our shelf at home with Hibiki 21.I remember in my early 20's trying it and thinking it was too bitter and too much like straight ethanol. If only I could go back in time and help polish the bottle off 😅 

I really got into it after college, after my two friends walked me through a tasting. The wide breadth of flavors and the number of variables that influenced the flavor was enticing and I had to know more.


Japanese whisky was most interesting to me due to my heritage, the family tradition, the Japanese concept of Kaizen, and the fact that my international work travel happened to be in Japan. I was lucky to start when I did and have sampled and own many amazing whiskies (at great prices!) Today the interest continues, and I look to share my passion with others.