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Welcome to The Half Dram

Welcome all - whisk(e)y lovers, enthusiasts, collectors, and newbies! The Half Dram will be a blog focused on a few things: whisky reviews, information on random whiskies I am hunting for or own, thoughts I have on whisky/collecting/why Chichibu is overrated (I just lost half my audience 😂), and likely a forum for discussions. While I have a soft spot for Japanese whisky, I enjoy the whole gamut of whisky producing countries and styles that exist and will touch on mostly all. Except for bourbon...I don't really understand why people like bourbon (and there goes another quarter of my audience).

There are many many good whisky blogs out there:

  • www.timeforwhisky.com - a great generalist blog ran by one of the nicest guys I've had the pleasure to have a dram with

  • www.nomunication.jp - a blog that always has the latest Japanese whisky news

  • whiskyfun.com - THE most respected whisky reviewer's blog (in my opinion and many others)

  • www.thejapanesewhiskyreview.com - the most comprehensive Japanese whisky review blog (that has a fantastic forum about the state of finding whisky in Japan)

  • whiskynotes.be - a well rounded news and review blog covering all whisk(e)y types

and I will be incorporating pieces of each into my blog, but hopefully you, the reader, find something unique and entertaining about my thoughts on the whisky world. I encourage discourse on all of my posts, and I am always looking to learn!

While I plan to do whisky reviews like all of the above blogs, I will have my own spin and be somewhere between Serge and Martin - some esoteric tasting notes mixed with generic notes and an overall opinion. In my first review post, I will also go over my pretty normal rating scale (surprise! its out of 100 😁).

Two last things:

  1. All pictures are my own and I hope you like them

  2. I will just be typing "whisky" from now on, as "whisk(e)y" takes too long and looks silly. But I will try to remember to use the right one if I'm talking about Irish or American stuff.

Cheers! and I hope you enjoy ✌️


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