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Hanyu 2000 - SMWS 131.2

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

Magic Carpet in a Sweetie Shop

Hanyu is one of the those lost legends. Loads of people more eloquent than me have written about its rise and fall, and how Ichiro Akuto of Chichibu fame saved the last barrels from being destroyed and used his marketing genius to start the Card series to help fund his distillery. So, I will just focus on this whisky - one of the few 1st fill ex-sherry cask hanyu I have seen with no other type of cask aging.

This particular #Hanyu was bottled by the SMWS, who have very entertaining whisky description such as this one:

...the nose was a visit to a sweetie shop – rhubarb and custard sweets, fruit salad chews, parma violets, sherbet straws, flying saucers and aniseed balls. The unreduced palate had a sweet, sticky intensity, containing cough syrup, peppermint, molasses, Garibaldi biscuits...

I don't know what a flying saucer smells like, or if that is just some Scottish thing I don't know about, but my tastings notes aren't half as fun 😅

Well, lets get tasting!


[Bottle Review]

Distillery: Hanyu

Vintage: 2000

Bottling Date: 2014 (13 years old)

Cask Type: 1st Fill Ex-Sherry Butt

ABV: 55.1%

# bottles: 646

Bottled for: SMWS (scotch malt whisky society)

Auction price at time of writing: ~$1600 Original Retail Price: ~$215


More rubber dominant than I prefer, maraschino cherries left in an old fashioned, cola syrup, hint of metallic gunpowder, some berries. After some time, huge on rubber and deep dark red berries, maybe a hint of licorice. Old dunnage house too. With water, soy sauce covered meat.



Really creamy, dark chocolate drizzled over strawberries, marshmallow, Italian style coffee (aka dark dark roast), sweet wood sucking tannin drenched in sherry (in a good way), pepper. Oily. Cough syrup (like the SMWS notes)! But then there is this greasy note, like from French fries. With water, much sweeter, more dark red berries with less pepper. Less greasy



The cream continues, very rich, warming caramel sauce, espresso bitterness follows and undertones of rubber, but much more subtle than the initial rubber. With water, very creamy and spicy


Fantastic other than the rubber notes!

Final Score = 86.7


The nose is detracting but the palate and finish overall are very good. Easily noticeable as hanyu with the oily meatiness!

Would I drop $1600 on this if I had the disposable income? No, but I might trade for it 🧐


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